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Message from the Department Chair

Welcome to the Department of Chemistry at Virginia State University We Thank you for your interest in our program and chemistry in general. We are a small department where students are learning to become the scientific leaders of tomorrow. 

Upon graduation our students are ready to pursue industry position in the Agrochemical, Pharmaceutical, Food Science areas, as well as successfully compete for positions in Graduate (chemistry, forensic science, nanotechnology, etc.) and Professional Programs (Veterinary School, Pharmacy School, Medical School, etc.) 


We offer a B.S. in chemistry with three different tracks (Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Forensic Chemistry). To learn more about our programs please see the Chemistry Programs page.

The Department consists of 40 students majoring in Chemistry and our faculty commitment is to help them achieve their goals whether that might be to go to a Professional School, Graduate School or enter the industry. Our 12:1 student-faculty ratio in upper division courses allows us to get to know you and offer you opportunities to suit your goals.

The departmental website can provide you with more detail information about the department, our programs, courses, student organizations, as well as information regarding the research interest of our faculty member.

If we can be of assistance or if you need more information feel free to contact the department office at (804) 524-5574 or my office at the information below.

Dr. Victor H. Vilchiz, Chair
Department of Chemistry
Virginia State University
P.O. Box 9078
Virginia State University, VA 23806 
804-524-5574 (P)
804-524-5439 (F)

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